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Drawing from Nature


Artist/Instructor: Laura Valkwitch


Unleash your inner artist and embrace the grandeur of the great outdoors with "Drawing from Nature," a two-day course designed by local artist, Laura Valkwitch. Set against the backdrop of the Burchfield Penney Art Center's surrounding landscapes, this course offers an opportunity to learn the subtle art of sketching nature under the guidance of Laura Valkwitch.

Whether you have experience drawing or you are someone just starting to explore the world of art, Laura's hands-on instruction will help you see the world through an artist's eye. You'll learn how to sift through the vast expanse of scenery to pinpoint captivating compositions that tell a story. Discover how to break down landscapes into basic shapes and understand the intricate play of light and dark — those all-important values that give your artwork depth and realism.

While we hope for clear skies and perfect weather, this drawing series is designed to be adaptable. Should the clouds conspire against us, the class will seamlessly transition to drawing from photographs. This way, your artistic journey need not pause — rain or shine, the beauty of nature will continue to inspire your work.

So, dust off your sketchbooks and ready your pencils for a creative adventure that promises to deepen your appreciation of the world around us through the enduring power of drawing.

Laura Valkwitch

Laura Valkwitch is a multidisciplinary artist and instructor with a specialization in oil painting. The inspiration underlying her pieces is deeply rooted in the concept of the sublime, with a current emphasis on capturing the transient, almost spiritual beauty of cloudscapes in western New York. She is currently attending Buffalo State University, where she works toward attaining a Bachelor’s of Fine Art. Laura was a resident artist at Hunt Art Gallery in 2022 and her artwork has adorned the walls of notable establishments such as Meibohm Fine Arts, Buffalo Arts Studio, and Carnegie Art Center. Laura also serves on the board of the Buffalo Society of Artists. https://www.lauravalkwitch.com/.

Suggested supplies:

Drawing pencils (3B and higher preferred)

Pencil sharpener 

Kneaded eraser


Folding chair or blanket to sit on while outside 

*landscape photograph to work from if the weather is not cooperating 

If you have other drawing mediums you would like to bring, please feel free to do so. This may include charcoal, conte crayons, colored pencils and watercolor. No oil paint.


For Further information please contact Kathy Shiroki: shirokkg@buffalostate.edu

Drawing from Nature