Zoom Burchfield's Garden: Watercolor Workshop

Burchfield's Garden: Watercolor Workshop


Artist/Instructor: Jennifer Koury
Wednesday’s July 31 and August 7
Time: 10:30 AM – 1:00 PM
Fee: $62 members/$82 not-yet members (for both workshops)


Enjoy painting Summer’s bounty of flora and insects. Celebrate the season’s growth and life around you with vibrant color and unique shapes while designing your personal composition. Find creativity and blossoming expression within Burchfield’s unique perspective on flowers, plants, birds, insects and weather. You might even paint the feeling of trilling insects vibrating the air, blowing wind, or the splashing of warm summer rain.


Supplies for participants to bring:
1. Please bring a sample of your garden’s bounty to share and inspire the class.

2. Bring photo reference if you require it.

3. Drawing paper, graphite pencils, erasers, and transfer/tracing paper if you want

    to uses these for sketching and designing.

4. Palette, your favorite brushes and water container

5. Watermedia paints of your choice

6. 100% Rag Paper or watermedia board, and backing board or table easel


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Burchfield's Garden: Watercolor Workshop