Zoom October Book Club

October Book Club


Join us on October 5, at 6:30 pm, with the author, Clarissa Markiewicz., to discuss her book, The Paramour Pawn.

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About the book

A spate of burglaries has rocked the town of Lark Harbor, Oregon, and the latest crime has personally touched Eleanor Shore, who, along with her husband Lawrence, owns the friendly local gaming store The Game's Afoot. Things get even more complicated when Eleanor finds out the burglaries seem to involve her friend, Dusty Howell.

Except Dusty isn't a normal friend. Eleanor has a rare gift, a level of insight from a mystical heritage that enables her to grant the deepest wish of those who most need her help. Pop culture would call her a fairy godmother. Her ancestors would call her a dobra. Her name doesn't matter. What matters is that Dusty needs help now, and Eleanor may be in a unique position to give it and end the burglaries wounding her town.

That is until someone ends up murdered.

Then the whole game changes, the board is upended, and the players are not who they seem to be. Eleanor's world is turned upside down, and she must right it before she becomes the killer's next victim.


About the Author


Clarissa J. Markiewicz is a novelist who hails from Western New York. After earning her degree in English Lit and working in print media, she became a freelance literary editor of more than 200 titles. Her writing, including shorter fiction, nonfiction, and award-winning poetry, has appeared in U.S. News & World Report, The Buffalo News, and Art Times and has been commended by Scholastic and Rolling Stone. Clarissa is also the author of the novel Christmas In Whimsy, awarded the 5-star Seal by Readers' Favorite.

October Book Club